Oakland/Alameda Working Group Meetings

The Oakland/Alameda Resilience Study working group consisted of partners and stakeholders from the ART Alameda County Project who continued their participation along with representatives from local governments, park and recreation staff, utility agencies, the Port of Oakland, community regional, state and federal agencies. These working group members provided information for the assessment, refined the assessment outcomes, attended field trips and work sessions, and communicated study findings to the agencies and organizations they were representing. Their participation in the study was and continues to be critical to the success of the study. The working group meeting agendas and presentations on this page provide valuable information on the process and findings from the study.

Meeting 9 (3-16-16)

Meeting 8 (11-10-15)

Meeting 7 (8-20-15)

Meeting 6 (7-29-15)

Meeting 5 (6-24-15)

Meeting 4 (4-30-15)

Meeting 3 (4-8-14)

Meeting 2 (1-22-14)

Meeting 1 (11-14-13)