ART Supplies

The guides, engagement exercises and other information referenced in How-To: Design Your Own Project.

To learn how these supplies are used in the ART approach to adaptation planning, visit the Design Your Project pages and download the guide (24 pages) which detail each step in the planning process.

Good Planning Guides:

Provide a foundation for designing a project that utilizes robust stakeholder engagement and transparent decision-making.

How-To Guides:

Provide instructions and tools used by the project team.

Example Process Agendas:

Assist in designing effect working group meetings at certain points in the planning process.

Engagement Exercises:

Describe how to conduct a hands-on exercise with your project working group to engage them in project tasks and decision-making.

Supporting Information:

Examples & Referenced Information:

Project Reports & Case Studies:

Technical Reports & Memos:

A number of these files are very large, if you have problems downloading please try to “save link as” or contact