7. Evaluate Responses

Evaluate adaptation responses against project resilience goals and the four sustainability frames: society and equity, environment, economy and governance.

Where does this step fit?

Evaluation criteria play a central role in ensuring transparent decision-making and help decision-makers and community members understand tradeoffs and consequences of adaptation responses. In this step the project team and working group develop and refine evaluation criteria, and use them to evaluate all or a subset of the adaptation responses.

The ART Approach emphasizes selecting evaluation criteria that consider all four sustainability frames – society and equity, the environment, economy and governance. This enables working group members and their stakeholders, including elected officials, grant funders, project financers, the broader community, and other interested and affected parties, have a framework to identify actions and responses that will increase the resilience of communities and the assets and services on which they rely.

Outcomes of this step

  • A set of evaluation criteria to weigh benefits and trade-offs of each adaptation response against the project resilience goals and the four sustainability frames
  • A description of the process of applying the evaluation criteria to the adaptation responses
  • All or a subset of adaptation responses evaluated based on the agreed upon criteria

ART Supplies for this step