3. Do the Assessment

Lead an efficient yet thorough evaluation of vulnerability and consequences of climate impacts for your project area assets, and determine their potential exposure to climate impacts.

Where does this step fit?

A core task for this step is answering the assessment questions to understand assets’ existing conditions, and vulnerability to and consequences of the selected climate impacts. Publicly available documents, reports and maps can address many of the assessment questions. ART Supplies for this step have recommendations for finding data and information on a variety of assets and services, as well as guidance on effectively and efficiently getting feedback and additional information from working group members and topic area experts.

The exposure analysis – the other major task in this step – is generally conducted by overlaying map layers of the selected climate scenario with asset locations in a GIS. Based on preliminary results of the assessment answers, the readily available maps and working group input, identify where more refined analysis or further studies are needed. Use the ART Supplies to assist you with this analysis.

Outcomes of this step

  • Assessment answers identifying the sources of vulnerability and consequences that have been reviewed by working group members
  • A bibliography or references to sources of information to answer the assessment questions
  • An exposure analysis that identifies which selected climate scenarios may affect different assets

ART Supplies for this step

Additional information referenced in this step: