8. Advance Options

Identify implementation options and develop recommendations for advancing high priority adaptation responses and further collaborations.

Where does this step fit?

The purpose of this final step is to support working group members in implementing adaptation responses within their individual agencies or organizations, and in supporting coordination on adaptation responses that need to be implemented collaboratively. Together, the project team and working group work together to craft a set of recommendations for advancing actions that are ready for implementation, funding those that are ready but are lacking the resources, and further investigating those that need further collaboration or refinement such as feasibility assessments, changes in governance or regulations, additional data and information or the addition of new partners and participants.

Outcomes of this step

  • Recommendations for advancing and funding “ready to go” adaptation responses, and for initiating additional assessments, feasibility studies, new efforts, or further collaborations
  • Specific working group members identified to lead next steps, including new efforts and collaborations among stakeholder with or without the support from the project team

ART Supplies for this step

  • Engagement Exercise: Exploring Implementation Options pdf_icon (Coming soon)

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