6. Develop Responses

Develop adaptation responses that lay a clear and transparent path towards implementation.

Where does this step fit?

The ART approach to adaptation planning involves developing comprehensive adaptation responses for planning issues. Each response includes three important building blocks: 1. a vulnerability or issue; 2. one or more actions; and 3. implementation options.

This approach is valuable because it connects actions directly to the assessment outcomes, presents a number of possible stand-alone or sequenced actions that can be taken, and provides a substantial level of detail about possible implementation partners and processes. As a package, the adaptation response provides not only the actions that can be taken, but makes a case for why those actions are necessary and who needs to be involved.

In this step, the project team, with working group support and participation, develops responses based on assessment outcomes. Actions and strategies from previous projects, plans and efforts can be adapted for the project area and the ART Program has identified sources of draft actions and strategies. This step results in draft adaptation responses for the identified key planning issues and individual asset, sector and service vulnerabilities, and engages the working group in considering which actions and implementation options will be the most practical, feasible, and responsive to key planning issues.

Outcomes of this step

  • Adaptation responses for the key planning issues that include one or more action and implementation information and options
  • Finalized profile sheets for the individual assets, sectors and services that include example adaptation responses for vulnerabilities

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