Contra Costa County ART Project

The ART Program is convening and staffing an adaptation planning project in west and central Contra Costa County, from Richmond to Bay Point.

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Using the ART approach, staff and stakeholders will work together to understand how current and future coastal and riverine flooding will affect shoreline communities and infrastructure.

The project will investigate how flooding may impact transportation and utility networks, industrial facilities and employment sites, residential neighborhoods and community facilities, and shoreline park and recreation facilities. The consequences of flooding, both within and beyond the project area, will be considered, and in particular the potential for disproportionate impacts on certain community members.

CCBoundaryMap7Currently, ART Program staff is working with asset managers and other stakeholders to gather the information needed to conduct a high-level assessment for the entire project area. The findings of the assessment will be validated by the working group; any specific issues, assets or geographies that need additional refined assessment will be identified.

Adaptation responses will then be developed for the issues the working group collectively determines are high priority for action. Responses ranging from further information gathering, to infrastructure changes, to resource management and policy solutions, will be considered. In addition, recommendations will be developed for evaluating the trade-offs, benefits, and feasibility of potential adaptation responses.

Project Status

The first phase of the project – the high level assessment – began in Winter 2015 and is expected to be complete by Fall 2015, with the refined assessment and adaptation responses completed by Spring 2016.

  • Meeting 1, March 23, 2015: Agenda pdf_icon
  • Meeting 2, May 28, 2015: Agenda pdf_icon
  • Meeting 3, August 5, 2015: Agenda pdf_icon
  • Meeting 4, December 8, 2015: Agenda pdf_icon
  • Meeting 5, March 10, 2016: Agenda pdf_icon
  • Meeting 6, June 9, 2016: Agenda pdf_icon

Working Group page (password protected)

Findings and Materials

Project Area Map pdf_icon

Contra Costa County Technical Report: Shoreline and Inundation Mapbook (50MB) pdf_icon

Project Partners

Staff from the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) ART Program are leading the project with assistance from an Americorps CivicSpark member. The project is partially funded through the State of California Environmental License Plate Fund (ELPF).

For more information:

  • Adam Fullerton
  • 415-352-3629