Resilient By Design Bay Area Challenge Seeks Site Ideas

Resilient by Design | Bay Area Challenge is a collaborative research and design project that will include local residents, public officials and experts working to develop innovative solutions for the issues brought on by climate change.  Teams of engineers, architects, designers and other experts will work alongside community members to identify critical areas throughout the Bay Area and propose community-based solutions to strengthen our region’s resilience to sea level rise, severe storms, flooding, and earthquakes.

Resilient by Design is currently hosting an open call for ideas to identify sites vulnerable to the impacts climate change. Through July 14, 2017, the challenge is asking local residents, community leaders and organizations to submit site ideas. These ideas will shape a collaborative research process where design experts will work with communities to identify areas where they can most effectively collaborate to create new, creative and implementable design solutions that protect the Bay Area’s most vulnerable shoreline communities from sea-level rise and increasingly severe storms and flooding — while also addressing critical issues such as disparities in housing, income and access to open space. If you would like to get involved with the challenge or submit a site idea, visit the Resilient by Design website at