ART Bay Area: Subregional Meeting Series Recap

We completed three subregional meeting series in the South Bay/Peninsula North Bay and East Bay!

Over the last two months, the Adapting to Rising Tides Bay Area team has been holding three subregional meetings in the South Bay/Peninsula, North Bay and East Bay. During these meetings, we presented our draft results of the vulnerability and consequence assessments specific to each geographic region, using Operational Landscape Units (OLU) to organize our results. Now that we have completed our vulnerability assessments, the ART team will use the feedback gathered from the meetings to draft key issue statements for each Focus Areas/Areas of Impact that we will use as our project shifts into adaptation planning in the spring.

Below is a quick recap of what was covered at each of the subregional meeting series:

  • Introduction to the “Define” step of the project, where we work together to synthesize the results of the vulnerability and consequence assessments to develop key issue statements;
  • Review of the types of vulnerability and consequence statements used in the ART Program, introduction to shared vulnerabilities and consequences, and a walk-through of the structure and format of the OLU Profile sheets, including the selection of OLUs for ART Bay Area and identification of focus areas and areas of impact; and
  • Broke out into small groups to identify key vulnerabilities, consequences and emerging storylines within focus areas of the OLUs and began to draft key issue statements.

We are also providing an opportunity for stakeholders to provide their input and feedback on our draft OLU Profile Sheets. If you are interested in being a reviewer, please contact Jaclyn Mandoske by March 8, 2019. We have a final deadline for all reviewer comments by Friday, March 22, 2019.

*Please note, this project has been completed and you can find the final project outcomes at ART Bay Area Project Page.

Need to catch up on ART Bay Area?

If you missed the first RWG meetings and need to catch up on the project, please take a look at presentations and materials from the first meetings (the notes and draft materials are posted to the password protected section of the site, please contact Jaclyn Mandoske for the password).