ART Bay Area Regional Working Group Meeting #1

The Adapting to Rising Tides (ART) Bay Area Project team held the kick-off Regional Working Group meeting on Thursday, September 21st, 1–4 pm at Bay Area Metro Center at 375 Beale Street in San Francisco. We are looking forward to working with a broad group of stakeholders on this challenging and exciting project, which will begin to address the threats posed by climate change and sea level rise. We will rely on the diverse expertise and perspectives of individuals and groups from around the Bay to understand the priorities for the region. The meeting agenda is available here, for more information about the project please visit the ART Bay Area Project Page.

The objectives for this first meeting are to introduce the ART Bay Area project including:

  • Project team, goals and objectives
  • Scope of the project and initial findings
  • Role of the Regional Working Group
  • Timeline and next steps

We will also be holding a board game brown bag on September 21st, 12-1pm, directly before the start of the Regional Working Group meeting. We’ll be trying out the new board game we’ve developed with the Urban Works Agency at California College of the Arts about sea level rise, social resilience, and cooperation called “Bartertown”. The game helps us consider what will motivate members of the public to cooperate (or compete) in the face of sea level rise. Our hope is to see how cities and social networks can survive, and even thrive, in a crisis. The board game brown bag will be held in the same room as the Regional Working Group Meeting (Yerba Buena Room, Bay Area Metro Center, 375 Beale St.).

Please RSVP for the board game brown by September 8th using the same link.